The Slovene Association of Patients with Lymphoma and Leukemia, L & L, has in the past organized quite a few group entries in Slovenia Donor (SD). In the spring of 2017, together with the SD and Blood Transfusion Center of Slovenia (BTC), we launched a national campaign "PUT YOURSELF ON THE LIST".

It has been a loud call that directs the Slovenian public towards signing up among potential unrelated donors. The project has had several important goals, namely: expanding the register of potential donors; breaking taboos and beliefs that the donation of the hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) is terrible and very painful; to make people aware of the simplicity and security of the HSC donation process, which has progressed in accordance with the times; to inform the public about diseases treated with HSC transplantation; to ensure the long-term growth of the register and to encourage altruism among younger generations.

On behalf of the patients with blood cancer, we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all the employees of the Slovenia Donor and BTC, who for many years have been responsible for the smooth functioning of the registry and its growth, thus significantly contributing to the survival of patients. Also, a huge thank you to all HSC donors who have already had the chance to donate cells and have decided for this humane step without thinking.
A special thanks to more than 20,000 registered potential donors in the SD register, who are still waiting for the opportunity to donate. Thank you very much to all the expert hematologists who have been in charge of the development of the profession in the field of healing with HSC transplantation for many years and, in cooperation with the SD registry experts, saved the lives of children and adult patients with blood cancer.

We believe in the long-term growth of the registry, the constant development of the profession and the great heart of all potential donors in the SD registry and worldwide, therefore we are not afraid for the future of patients with blood cancer.

Kristina Modic,
the Executive Director of the Slovenian Association of Patients with Lymphoma and Leukemia, L & L