The Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia (BTC) is a public healthcare institution that supplies blood and blood products, renders diagnostic and therapeutic services within the transfusion and transplantation fields, manages the Registry of bone marrow donors, and supplies blood-derived medicinal products within the scope of its public health service.



The Centre's primary task is to provide patients with compatible, quality and safe blood and blood products. Speaking symbolically, the areas of our operations span from the donor's vein to the recipient's vein and beyond.

When organising and carrying out blood drives, BTC works in close cooperation with the Slovenian Red Cross and its regional units.

BTC develops the doctrines, monitors their implementation and professionally integrates the blood transfusion services into a national transfusion network.

BTC acts as the National Reference Centre for Transfusion Medicine, exercising control of the quality of procedures and products related to its area of operations and liaises with the relevant international and foreign institutions.

The vision of the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia is to develop into an active national, regional and European excellence centre in all areas of its activities. Such vision is also supported by EU Directives on blood supply.



Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia

Šlajmerjeva 6

1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Telephone: (01) 5438 100

Fax: (01) 2302 224

Website: www.ztm.si

Email:  central@ztm.si

Subaccount under the treasury single account (TSA): 01100-6030926339
VAT ID number: SI 24041262
Registration number: 5053960


Director of BTC: Stevo LEKIĆ, BSc Econ


Medical Director of BTC:  Marko CUKJATI, MD, MSc


Person responsible for blood supply: Irena RAZBORŠEK, MD


Person responsible for tissue and cells: Marko CUKJATI, MD, MSc


Person responsible for hemovigilance: prim. Irena BRICL, MD