BTC is a public health service that is responsible for supplying blood and blood products at the national level and for relating transfusion medicine with hospitals.

It coordinates all activities related to the selection of blood donors, collection, testing, processing, storage and distribution of blood and blood products, clinical use of blood and control over adverse events in relation to blood transfusion.

At national level, BTC coordinates and brings together a network of hospital blood transfusion departments and hospital blood banks, manages the national information system, provides professional training, carries out research and development (R&D) and cooperates with international organisations, associations and related institutions.



The principal areas of activity of the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia are related to the supply of blood, transplantation and provision of diagnostic and therapeutic services to the patients.

In blood supply, it provides safe, compatible and adequate quantities of blood and blood products. This covers work in blood donation, selection of blood donors, blood collection, processing, storage and testing as well as the supply of blood components to hospitals.

Within the scope of diagnostic services, BTC carries out immunohematological blood tests on recipients and other tests required for the transfusion of compatible blood and blood components. It also performs the lab tests required for the implementation of national programmes for organ and tissue transplantation, as well as advanced therapies.

Furthermore, BTC provides therapeutic services, such as autotransfusion and hemapheresis.

Pursuant to the Medicinal Products Act, BTC also holds a wholesale marketing authorisation for medicinal products.

The Centre carries out research and development (R&D) in the transfusion and transplantation medicine and educational activities for the general public.

To ensure the maximum level of safety and efficiency of blood products, we established several quality systems in transfusion, transplantation and laboratory medicine, which is a priority in blood transfusion activity, as it enables the best possible realisation of our original mission. In 2004, we acquired the ISO 9001:2000 certificate.