The educational activity of the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia is carried out in close cooperation with the R&D activities. The Centre is an important partner to Slovenian educational institutions. As holders of courses and tutorials, the professors, assistant professors, assistants, senior lecturers and technical assistants habilitated at the University of Ljubljana and employed by BTC collaborate with member faculties of the University of Ljubljana, the College of Nursing in Jesenice, the University College of Health Sciences Slovenj Gradec, the College of Nursing in Celje and the Secondary School of Pharmacy, Cosmetics and Healthcare in Ljubljana.



In 2006, the Ministry of Health awarded the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia the title of an educational institution for a period of 5 years. In 2012, this title was extended for another period of 5 years. The Centre is therefore authorised to perform practical lessons for secondary school students of nursing and lab technicians, post-secondary vocational students of nursing and laboratory biomedicine, university students of medicine and biochemistry, and postgraduate students of biomedicine.

BTC employees are members of various committees for professional and specialist exams taken by healthcare workers and associates. BTC cooperates with domestic and foreign educational institutions and hospitals.

The educational activities at the Centre are coordinated by the Department of Education. The latter supports the organisation and implementation of educational programmes and mentorship, takes part in the issue of scientific literature related to transfusion medicine, and keeps records for the purposes of planning educational activities and national statistics.